Eight Military jeeps invaded Ni’lin and one injured in the head during anti-wall weekly protest

Two protesters running away from a trap made by the Israeli soldiers during Ni'lin's Friday protest

Two protesters running away from a trap made by the Israeli soldiers during Ni’lin’s Friday protest

This weeks protest in the village of Ni’lin was a joined by internationals and Israeli activists. Walking along the people of Ni’lin they chanted slogans against the apartheid wall and in solidarity with Yarmouk refugee camp. The protest also marked the Palestinian Land Day and had been preceded by several other events in the village in the week leading up to the protest. Cultural events and olive tree plantings were held and the week culminated in this Fridays commemoration.

The protesters approached the wall from a different direction than usual and tried to sneak around the soldiers who were hiding in the fields hoping to catch and arrest protesters before they could reach the wall. The protesters managed to evade the first line of soldiers, but another line, including two military jeeps, were waiting closer to the wall and this group started to chase the protesters and firing tear gas once they saw them.

The demonstration retreated towards the houses of the village and the soldiers fired hundreds of tear gas cannisters towards the houses and the protesters. Dozens suffered from tear gas inhalation and a 15 years old boy was injured by a rubber coated steel bullet to the head. He was sent to Ramallah hospital.

Some of the grenades set fire to the wheat fields just outside of Ni’lin but luckily the fire could be stopped by the protesters before it was allowed to spread.

At midnight the village was ivaded by eight military jeeps that began firing sound grenades and tear gas randomly at houses. Israeli soldiers broke into the house of Murad Amireh, 40 years old, and his brother Raed Amireh, 43 years old and gave them summons interrogation at Ofer military jail the following Thursday. Raed was severly injured with a live bullet which broke his leg bone during a protest against the apartheid wall in june 2014.

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