Three arrested in Ni’lin during today’s Israeli mid-night invasion.

During the morning hours of December 18th the village of Ni’lin was invaded by 14 Isreali military jeeps. The soldiers invaded the homes of Ahmed Basem Nafi, 20 years old, breaking down the door and violently arresting him in front of his family.
The next house to be invaded was that of Saeed Yahya Nafi, 19 years old. The soldiers used attack dogs in the invasion and took with them computer equipment as well as the young man. His house was left in a mess.
The third and last to be taken by the soldiers was Mohammed Abdulrahman Shahadi 19 years old. A student of Birzeit University, Shahadi was doing his final exams before his arrest.
The three young men were all beaten in front of their families as they were arrested. They were taken to the south of Ni’lin and then on to military interregation centers inside Israel.

The Israeli military has declared 36 people from the village of Ni’lin wanted for protests against the apartheid wall and Israels illegal settlements. With the three men taken today Ni’lin now have 42 villagers in Israeli military jails.

Ni'lin protest in solidarity with Tristan Anderson

Israeli evidence backfires in compensation case for injured US activist

By:The electronic Intifada:


The civil trial for Tristan Anderson continued this thursday with the questioning of Gaby Silverman, Anderons girlfriend at the time of the incident. She was present when Tristan Anderson was shot in the head with a high velocity tear gas cannister in the village of Ni’lin in March of 2009.

During the questioning of Gaby Silverman the Israeli states attorney tried to suggest that Tristan Andersons condition was not as bad as his family claims. The state also showed Tristan Andersons first interview after his injury as evidence that Anderson was both cognitively and physically fine. The interview was conducted by the American journalist Sarah Shourd and first aired in November of 2010.

Activists who attented the court hearing said to Electronic Intifada that the interview clearly shows a suffering man. Gaby Silverman explained to the court that the interview took a very time and had to be thouroughly edited.

After thursdays court hearing the presiding judge suggested to the state’s attorney that he should consider a compromise. This would be a great relief for Tristan Andersons family who currently struggle to afford Tristans health care.

Three of the Palestinian witnesses who were supposed to testify during these first hearings were unable to appear in court since they were not granted permission to enter Jerusalem. A fourth witness to Anderson’s shooting, Aqil Srour, was killed by Israeli occupation forces three months after Anderson was injured, at a demonstration against Israel’s separation wall in Ni’lin.

The hearing continues on the December 25th.


Trial of American activist maimed by Israeli military to begin

American peace activist Tristan Anderson was severely injured by a high velocity tear gas grenade during a protest in Ni’lin in March of 2009. Now his civil trial against the Israeli military has finally begun at Jerusalem District Court.

The kind of high velocity tear gas canister that Tristan Anderson was hit by was designed to be fired through barriers such as walls and have a range of several hundred meters. When the canister, fired by an Israeli soldier, hit Anderson in the face from a range of about 60 meters it crushed his skull and pieces of bone penetrated deep into his brain. Tristan Anderson was sent into a comatose state for months and as of today he still requires extensive care daily. He is blind in one eye, phycally as well as cognitively impared and paralyzed in half of his body.

To this day none if the Israeli officers responsible for the shooting of Tristan Anderson has been persecuted by Israeli courts. Hopefully justice will be served as the civil case is now under way after years of waiting. Tristan Anderson and his family is represented by the Israeli human rights attorney Lea Tsemel. This week will see testimonies from other international activists who were with Anderson when he was shot. They will among other things give testimony about how the ambulance carrying Tristan Anderson from Ni’lin was delayed by Israeli soldiers. Palestinian activists who witnessed the shooting has not been granted the right to testify as they are West Bank citizens and not allowed to travel to Jerusalem where the court is beeing held.

The trial will continue on December 25th, 28th and January 4th.

Abdullah Amireh

Abdullah Amireh 22 years old, kidnapped by IOF

During Saturday it came to the attention of the Popular Committee of the village of Ni’lin that 22 year old Abdullah Amireh was abducted in the morning hours of this Friday. He was taken from his car by Israeli soldiers in civilian clothing and taken to Ofer military prison. Amireh was released from a recent period in prison on the 13th of March this year.
The last time Abdullah Amireh was taken by Israeli soldiers, in November of last year, he was tortured through sleep deprivation and put through heavy interrogation at Almasqubya military prison. He was not allowed to meet with a lawyer. Instead he was taken to Ofer military prison where he was acused on several bogus charges. In the end he was declared innocent on all charges and released but not before paying a fine of 2000 shekels.
Abdullah is the son of an old farmer whose land was completely confiscated by the Israeli occupation during the construction of the Israeli apartheid wall on Ni’lin land in 2008.

Ni'lin protest 28.11.2014

One injured in Ni’lin during the Friday protest against Israeli apartheid wall 28.11.2014

During this weeks demonstration in the village of Ni’lin a 21 year old man was shot in the stomach with a rubber coated steel bullet. He had to be sent to the hospital for further treatment.

After Fridays mid-day prayer the demonstration gathered near the pharmacy in Ni’lin. This week the prayer was not held in the olive fields due to too much rain. Six military jeeps awaited the demonstration which was heavily attacked close to the village. Tear gas grenades were fired seemingly at random towards homes and protesters. The southern parts of the village were covered by clouds of tear gas.

The demonstration managed to progress into the fields and where followed by the soldiers. Further away from the houses two snipers where waiting for the demonstration, firing at it with a weapon called Rugor 0.25 caliber. These guns where used during the second intifada.

Luckily no one was hit by the snipers at this point. As the demonstration was trying to reach the wall it divided into three and spread out in order to split up the soldiers. The goal of the demonstration was to reach the wall in order to send a message against the occupation but for the last six months the demonstrations have been unable to reach the wall due to army repression.

While approaching the wall one group was overcome by a group of soldiers hiding among the trees. At a distance of about 15 meters the soldiers shot the 21 year-old man in the stomach with a rubber coated steel bullet and immediately tried to arrest him. The man however managed to run to an ambulance and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Luckily the bullet didn’t enter far into his body. He has since been released from the hospital but is still in a lot of pain.

During the three hours that the clashes with soldiers lasted for many where effected by the choking tear gas and several olive trees were burnt. At the end of the protest a group of protesters managed to finally reach the wall and burn tires at it.

clashes in Ni'lin 21.11.2014
Palestinian youth throwing back tear gas grenades using their slingshots during Ni'lin protest against the Israeli apartheid wall .

Ni’lin stands in solidarity with Alaqsa as Israel repression increases

This weeks demonstration started like all other weeks after the friday prayer under the olive trees that grow in the outskirts of the village of Ni’lin. As every week the demonstration proceeded to march towards the seperation wall carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans against the wall and in solidarity with the Palestinian struggeling at the Al-Aqsa mosque.

However the situation in the village has been escalating since June of this year Israeli soldiers were waiting for the protesters as they approached the wall. Before the demonstration had arrived at it’s destination the soldiers attacked the protest with tear gas canisters fired straight towards the protesters as well as rubber coated steel bullets. The clashes continued until three in the after noon when the protestors managed to push the soldiers back towards the wall.

Since June 2014 the Israeli soldiers have been attacking Ni’lins friday demonstration near habitated house and sometimes even inside the village, chasing protesters with jeeps and shooting at houses. We belive this is an attempt to make the villagers condemn the demonstrations and thereby making them stop.

Many new tactics have been put in place to make the Ni’lin demonstrations come to an end. One such tactic has been to let snipers shoot protestors in the legs in order for them to be easier to catch for the soldiers. Since June of this year 13 protesters have been shot in the legs but so far only one has been arrested. The military has also been adding more snipers over the course of the months. To start with they were using one sniper during demonstrations but now that number has grown to three.

The Israeli militarys treatment of Ni’lin and it’s villigers are aided by the fact that the town has recieved no media coverage in more than a year and a half. This has led to Ni’lin being a testing ground for new military tactics against demonstrations.

khamis Amireh got shot with live bullet  during unarmed protest in the west bank village f Ni'lin in 11.01.2014

Very savage arrests in Nilin village, one Palestinian shot and arrested by Israeli occupation soldiers.

At 8 am on the morning of January 21st the entrance to the village of Ni’lin was blocked off. A special car carrying armed Israeli special forces dressed up as Palestinians entered the village and they proceeded to surround the house of Murad Srour, 32 years old. The soldiers entered the house by force and the married 32 year-old tried to fend off the intruders as he did not understand who they were. He fled the house as the soldiers opened fire but was shot in the stomach with a live bullet. Trained dogs where set after Murad and bit down on his hands and feet.

Around 30 military jeeps entered the village and cleared the streets by firing live ammunition towards the civilians. As the people of Ni’lin struggled to save the life of Murad Srour by bringing him medical attention the soldiers kept them away by firing live bullets and tear gas at the people and the houses. Murad was denied medical attention and was instead arrested and taken away to an unknown location.

In this video you can see the soldiers arresting the injured Murad. The one taking these pictures were fired directly upon with live ammunition.

There has been a continuous rise is Israeli repression against the people in Ni’lin. Beside the night raids, three villagers were arrested this Thursday as they were farming their land. Two weeks ago Israeli soldiers set up sniper towers to use against peaceful protestors during Friday demonstrations. Villager Khamis Amireh was shot in his foot with a live bullet during a demonstration last week.

Friday the 24th the people of Ni’lin protested brutality of the Israeli occupation. The village hopes for the support of the PA and the rest of the world in speaking out against the everyday brutality of the Israeli occupation.

the pictures of the 4 guys who were arrested today in nilin

Israeli mid-night invasions and aggression continues in Ni’lin; four guys arrested. 27.11.2013

For a while the village of Ni’lin almost believed that the nightly raids had stopped. Last week there was only one invasion. But now it seems like the Israeli occupation is planning to try to break the resistance in Ni’lin by New Year’s Eve.

Wednesday morning at 02:30 am the village was invaded by 20 jeeps and four people were arrested.
Ibrahim Kawaja, 22, Waleed Srour, 22 and Mohammed Khawaja, 25, and Mohammed Ratib, 25, who is also the brother of Arafat Nafi who was killed during a peaceful demonstration in 2008.

Three other young men were sought by the soldiers but not found. The soldiers left interrogation papers demanding that the men surrender themselves to Ofer military prison.

Israeli soldiers invading Ni'lin 06.11.2013

Ni’lin village Raided Again,two guys got arrested.

At 5am Wednesday morning around 16 Israeli military jeeps and 50 soldiers on foot invaded the village of Ni’lin. They raided two houses using military dogs, making two arrests: Abdull Halim Khawaja, 24, and Zohdi Nafi, 21. The soldiers also stole the car of Ahmed Nafi, 34.

The soldiers used sound grenades as they went through the village, waking up civilians along the way. Once again the jeep mounted tear gas canon was used covering the village in gas.

The night raids continue as the families of Ni’lin are losing their children day by day. The number of prisoners are constantly rising as a consequence of the collective punishment forced upon the village of Ni’lin for protesting against the occupation and the struggle against the apartheid wall.

Monday morning two other young men, Abdullah Amireh, 22, and Nasir Amireh, 20, were arrested in the middle of the night. The arrested has been sent to the underground Almasqubyia jail in Jerusalem and Aljalama jail north of the West Bank.

Ni'lin after the invasion 31.10.2013

Arrests,injuries, stealing cameras and vandalism in Ni’lin

At 02:30 am on the night to Wednesday a huge number of Israeli soldiers invaded Ni’lin in the middle of the night and attacked the house of Abedulkader Nafi, 22. The soldiers broke down the door and proceeded to turn the house upside down before brutally arresting Abed. He was sent to Aljalama, thought by many to be the worst jail in Israel.

Abdulkader nafi 22 years old arrested in Ni'lin by IOF 30.10.2013

Abdulkader nafi 22 years old arrested in Ni’lin by IOF 30.10.2013

As if the seven day long blockade and the nightly incursions were not enough of a collective punishment the army has started to invade the village in broad daylight. Yesterday at three o’ clock in the afternoon around ten military jeeps entered the village. The soldiers started attacking shops in order to break or steal computers and cameras. As the villagers gathered in an attempt to drive the soldiers out they were fired upon. Stone were thrown and the violence from the Israeli military escalated. The soldiers started firing tear gas at random and sometimes directly towards the crowds that had gathered in the street. A tear gas canister fired straight at a person could potentially be lethal.

Israeli soldiers invading shopes in the west bank town of Ni'lin

Israeli soldiers invading shopes in the west bank town of Ni’lin

As the situation deteriorated the soldiers moved on to fire rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition towards the gathered Palestinians. Four people were injured but thankfully only one of these had to be taken to hospital. During the one-and-a-half-hour long invasion ten shops were raided by the soldiers and six computers and cameras were stolen.

Israeli soldiers firing at villagers in Ni'lin during the invasion

Israeli soldiers firing at villagers in Ni’lin during the invasion

The soldiers returned later in the night in a large number of jeeps. Around 2am they invaded the house of Kathem Kawaja, 34, and arrested him. Kathem is a father and husband who lost one of his eyes to a rubber coated steel bullet during a protest against the wall in 2004.

Kathem kawaja arrested today by IOF in Ni'lin 31.2013

Kathem kawaja arrested today by IOF in Ni’lin 31.2013

During Thurday the soldiers returned yet again at noon with 15 military jeeps. As the day before they entered the center of the village where they started raiding the shops, breaking cameras and computers. Several shops had their doors broken down. This time the soldiers stayed in the village for about three hours and during that time they managed to break the camera of the Popular Committee of Ni’lin. The camera has in the past has been used to document the violations of the Israeli army in the village.

Using a jeep mounted canon the soldiers fired hundreds of canisters of tear gas. The canon, known to some as The Tempest, can fire up to 32 canisters at a time and creates a huge cloud of tear gas covering the ground causing women, children and men to suffer the vile effects of the gas indiscriminately. Tear gas canisters once again made it into civilian houses in the village, breaking windows and causing great damage in their path. 14 people were hit by rubber coated steel bullets and today as well one person was sent to the hospital.

On their way out the soldiers cut off Ni’lins electricity supply.
These last weeks the invasions into the village have become a daily occurrence, wearing down on the hearts and minds of the villagers of Ni’lin. However the village remains united in its struggle against the apartheid wall and the occupation of its lands. As this is written the entrance to the village is still blocked by Israeli soldiers.