WikiLeaks –The non-violent demonstrations in the west bank are becoming increasingly frustrating the IOF

Israeli occupation forces suppression a peaceful protest in Ni'lin village by shooting tear gas grenades directly at the peaceful demonstrators in 2009

A new U.S. diplomatic cable out of the American embassy in Tel Aviv from February 2010 reveals that Israelis at that time were becoming increasingly frustrated with non-violent demonstrations by Palestinians in the West Bank,specially in Ni’lin and Bil’in.


The cable — released recently by WikiLeaks — notes that one Israeli military official “warned that the IDF will start to be more assertive in how it deals with these demonstrations, even demonstrations that appear peaceful.” Later, the cable includes a striking quote from an Israeli defense official:


Less violent demonstrations are likely to stymie the IDF. As MOD Pol-Mil chief Amos Gilad told USG interlocutors recently, “we don’t do Gandhi very well.” The IDF impatience with these demonstrations may also be connected to the recent arrests of foreign NGO workers with expired or solely tourist visas who have been attending, and often organizing, the protests.

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  • LOL! No, they do not do Gandi very well. NOW they will really show the world their true colors. The best thing every Palestinian can do is march unarmed–I dare them to shoot. Knowing the IDF, they will but it will make worldwide headlines and they will be condemned, as they should be. The Nakba Day killings made the front pages in the US-that never happens here. March On!!

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