Week Of Military Invasions In Ni’lin Village

Military jeeps invades Ni'lin

On Wednesday 18th of January, at 3.30 in the afternoon a number of Israeli soldiers invaded the village of Ni’lin. They came on foot from nearby fields and sat in the streets frightening people. Cars that drove into the village were stopped and the soldiers began remonstrating with the people and causing trouble. They began shooting live bullets into the air and then fired tear gas on the people as well as sound bombs. Several young men began throwing stones in response to the soldier’s violence. The soldiers then shot live bullets back at the civilians. Fortunately no one was injured by this.

One person got hit by a tear gas bomb to his foot and was treatment immediately at Ni’lin pharmacy. The soldiers then began to invade houses and took control of two. They climbed onto the roof of the houses and after an hour of this they left. This was followed by five military jeeps that came into the village and began shooting more tear gas. Saeed Amireh was arrested and they then left. He was detained for two hours and then released.

Later in the morning of Thursday at 02:00 am, soldiers returned and invaded the village again and this time took a computer and a lap top as well as a camera from the house of Muhammed Amireh, one of the leaders of the Committee of Ni’lin. Around twenty five soldiers invaded the house and ruined the floors of the house with their muddy shoes where they had walked in the rainy fields. They showed no regard or respect for the occupants of the house.

Moreover, on Friday, the weekly peaceful demonstration in Ni’lin was met with very much brutality from the occupation forces. The Israeli soldiers shot live bullets direct at protesters. Luckily no one has been injured.
The Israeli army are using all kinds of violence and violating the international laws by using illegal weapons against unarmed civilians, this all aims to drive the people from being un able to maintain their non-violently struggle against the occupation which Israel is afraid of.

On the other hand, Ni’lin popular committee has condemned the Israeli occupation attack and the targeting of the civilians, and confirmed that despite all the brutality, the people of Ni’lin will continue their just struggle till the wall is down, and Palestine is free

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