Ni’lin demonstrates in solidarity with khader Adnan

Nilin demonstration gainst the apartheid wall 10.02.2012

As usual on fridays the villagers on Ni’lin came out this this friday, the 10th of february, to protest against the apartheid wall being built in their community. This week the demonstration was held in solidarity with the political Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan who this friday was on his 56th day of hungerstriking. Adnan, a representative of the group Islamic Jihad went on an open ended hungerstrike almost two months ago to protest against the Israeli system of administrative detention, a system that makes it possible for Israel to hold Palestinians without charges for six months at a time. At present Adnan is being held in a medical facility where he is forcefed liquids.

The protestors who gathered by the apartheid wall in Ni’lin this friday was demanding justice for Khader Adnan and wished to call on the attention on the rest of the world to Adnans case. International actions need to be taken instantly if Adnans life is to be saved. Together with international and israeli peace activists joining in solidarity the Palestinian protestors held up posters of Adnan alongside with Palestinian flags.

When the demonstration reached the gate of the apartheid wall they managed to pry it open and therefore tried to reach their land on the other side. The Israeli soldiers however pushed the crowd back with tear gas and sound bombs causing suffocation from tear gas inhalation in many protesters to the point where one of them fainted. Some of the demonstrators managed to reach the electronic fence on the other side of the wall and started cutting it but were met with stern force from the Israeli soldiers and one of them where hurt.

After about 30 minutes of shooting tear gas the soldiers had pushed the crowd back far enough to close the gate again while they continued to shoot tear gas at the crowd from behind the security of the gate.

Finally the demonstration dispersed at 3.00pm. The protests will continue until the wall is no more.


  • Alaah Bless and Protect Khader Adnan and the courageous and beautiful people of Ni’lin village <3 _ sadly i don't know enough Arabic but i do know this_ Sha'ab Eljabareen _ PALESTINE WILL BE FREE _ insha'Allah <3

  • You are an inspiration to all people fighting against injustice! Free Khader Adnan! Free Palestine! Workers of the world unite!

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