Watch:Stopped By Apartheid on the Way to Madonna’s “Peace Concert”

Despite the calls for BDS (Boycott Deinvestment and Sanctions), Madonna has decided to go ahead with her concert at Ramat Gan stadium in Israel. To face the criticism aimed at the concert Madonna invited peace activists from several NGOs to come see her show for free. However there are still millions of people who are permanently barred from events in Israel.

Saeed and Muhammad Amireh from the village of Ni’lin had bought ticket for the concert but as always when they tried to exit their village they were stopped by the apartheid wall that has been separating their village from its agrarian lands. As all days the gate in the wall was closed and was not opened when the brothers explained that they wanted to go to the concert at Ramat Gan. The roadblock at another exit from the village would not let them through either and they were forced to turn back. They contacted the DCO (District Coordination Officer) to apply for permit to pass through the roadblocks on the way to the concert but they were not granted entrance to Israel.

Like most Palestinians, Saeed and Muhammad hold so called green ID-cards which means that they are not granted entry into the areas on the other side of the green line. They are not recognized as citizens of any state and even though they live under Israeli rule, they are denied basic rights such as freedom of movement.

By doing a concert in this kind of apartheid state Madonna is effectively whitewashing the Israeli occupation and agreeing to the terms that only some people are welcome to come see her. Evidently people from Ni’lin and other Palestinians are not amongst those who are welcome to Madonnas concerts.


  • Stand firm my brothers your cause is the noblest to the world and you know as well that when the Christ will be back you will be definitively delive.
    These persons have not understood yet the interest which they have to live in peace with you
    I regret however these hearts died from the countries which surround you
    That God endows us with his strength

  • Stand firm my brothers your cause is the noblest in the world and you You know well that when the Christ will return you will definitively be released
    These persons haven’t understood yet the interest which they have to live in peace whith you
    I regret however hearts died from the countries which surround you
    That God endows us with his strength

  • Thanks for this video, i like it.

  • Hi Saeed,I came to Ni’lin at the end of March,with other ISM people and we joined the Friday demonstration, and stayed the night, and planted olive trees with you all of you the next day. The welcome and the kindness we were shown by everyone we met in Ni’lin was overwhelming. It was a privilege to meet you and your family and friends, and to gain the insight into life under this terrible illegal occupation which you gave us. Since then I have read all your mails and have spoken with another ISM person Nancy here in UK, a couple of weeks ago, who had been to Ni’lin in November, but I think you were away and she met your younger brother. She felt as I do about Ni’lin ,that it is a special place,that it is a very sad thing that we cannot just come to stay in your beautiful village whenever we would like to, as we can in any village in any other country. I thought it was excellent the way you demonstrated how your freedom to move around is blocked , so that you cannot even attend a Madonna concert for which you have tickets-despite Madonna and the Israelis pretending this concert is for anyone. regards Dru

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