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Help us set Ibrahim and Abdullah free from Israeli military jails.

Ibrahim Srour's mother carrying his picture

Ibrahim Srour’s mother carrying his picture

Ibrahim Srour, 22 years old, was kidnapped from his house by Israeli military forces on May, 8th 2013. He was sentenced to 26 months in Israeli jail for joining the non-violent struggle against the apartheid wall. Now, to be released he needs to pay 3000 shekels, as a fine. Ibrahim was already arrested for 16 months in 2010 and got released on parole. If he was found joining again the struggle against the wall or involved in any other actions against the Israeli occupation, he would be jailed for 15 months. To this sentence, the Israeli military court would add the new charges of joining the protest to these 15 months. However, despite this threats, he decided to not quit the struggle. That is why when Ibrahim got arrested in 2013 he was sentenced to 26 months. His case is not the only one unfortunately, many youth are getting higher sentences due to the fact that they were already arrested before.

Ibrahim is the only son for his 61 years old mother. He was the only one working and bringing a salary to his family. His father died from a heart attack in 2012. Ibrahim was born handicapped and lost his left eye during clashes in 2004.
Nowadays, without any source of income, his family is suffering from difficult living conditions and hardships. Therefore they can not afford paying his fine. If his fine is not payed before the end of March 2015, the Israeli military court will undoubtedly extend his sentence for 6 months or more. However, if we manage to gather the 3000 shekels for Ibrahim, he will be released on May, 25th 2015 and will be able to come back home with his beloved ones.

Abdullah Amireh 23 years old, was arrested again by Israeli special forces at the entrance of Ni’lin village on 28.11.2014. this time he was sentenced to 7 months and a fine of 2000 shekels. If we manage to pay his fine, he shall be released on 06.06.2015.
Help us set Ibrahim and Abdullah free from Israeli military jails and bring them back home to the arms of their families. For this we need 1 150 Euros, please consider making donation to achieve this goal. You can make a direct donation via Paypal by( clicking here). Or send directly to . Please contact us at: for bank account transfer or any other information.

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