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clashes in Ni'lin 21.11.2014
Palestinian youth throwing back tear gas grenades using their slingshots during Ni'lin protest against the Israeli apartheid wall .

Ni’lin stands in solidarity with Alaqsa as Israel repression increases

This weeks demonstration started like all other weeks after the friday prayer under the olive trees that grow in the outskirts of the village of Ni’lin. As every week the demonstration proceeded to march towards the seperation wall carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans against the wall and in solidarity with the Palestinian struggeling at […]

khamis Amireh got shot with live bullet  during unarmed protest in the west bank village f Ni'lin in 11.01.2014

Very savage arrests in Nilin village, one Palestinian shot and arrested by Israeli occupation soldiers.

At 8 am on the morning of January 21st the entrance to the village of Ni’lin was blocked off. A special car carrying armed Israeli special forces dressed up as Palestinians entered the village and they proceeded to surround the house of Murad Srour, 32 years old. The soldiers entered the house by force and […]

the pictures of the 4 guys who were arrested today in nilin

Israeli mid-night invasions and aggression continues in Ni’lin; four guys arrested. 27.11.2013

For a while the village of Ni’lin almost believed that the nightly raids had stopped. Last week there was only one invasion. But now it seems like the Israeli occupation is planning to try to break the resistance in Ni’lin by New Year’s Eve. Wednesday morning at 02:30 am the village was invaded by 20 […]

Israeli soldiers invading Ni'lin 06.11.2013

Ni’lin village Raided Again,two guys got arrested.

At 5am Wednesday morning around 16 Israeli military jeeps and 50 soldiers on foot invaded the village of Ni’lin. They raided two houses using military dogs, making two arrests: Abdull Halim Khawaja, 24, and Zohdi Nafi, 21. The soldiers also stole the car of Ahmed Nafi, 34. The soldiers used sound grenades as they went […]

Ni'lin after the invasion 31.10.2013

Arrests,injuries, stealing cameras and vandalism in Ni’lin

At 02:30 am on the night to Wednesday a huge number of Israeli soldiers invaded Ni’lin in the middle of the night and attacked the house of Abedulkader Nafi, 22. The soldiers broke down the door and proceeded to turn the house upside down before brutally arresting Abed. He was sent to Aljalama, thought by […]

Israeli soldiers blocking the entrances of Ni'lin village

Israeli soldiers blocking the entrances of Ni’lin village

Since last week the village of Ni’lin is being target daily by mid-night raids from the Israeli occupation forces. The soldiers have been shooting tear gas into people’s homes while they are sleeping. Only two people have been arrested but ten houses have been invaded by the soldiers. The arrested are Naha Nafi, 21, and […]

five kids arrested in Ni'lin

Five kids arrested in Ni’lin village

The olive harvest of 2013 has begun. Since it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take care of the trees the harvest has so far been slim. Even though all of Ni’lins agricultural land has not yet been confiscated by the occupation it is considered a closed military zone and therefore hard to access. Since the construction […]

Mohammed Hazem arrests

Israeli mid-night invasions in Ni’lin, one arrested.

At 2am on Sunday morning October the 6th, six Israeli military jeeps entered the village of Ni’lin. The soldiers broke down the door of Hazem Kawajas home and entered the house of the sleeping family. An 18 year old son of the household, Mohammed was arrested by the soldiers and taken to interrogation facilities next […]


ongoing resistance in Ni’lin 19.07.2013

This Friday was the second Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan but as usual the village of Ni’lin gathered for demonstration in spite of the sun and the heat. The violence of the Israeli soldiers are currently increasing day by day and when the protesters arrived at the wall the teargas rained from the […]

Ahmed Daood,26 years old arrested by IOF during night invasion to his home 10.06.2013

The wave of night time invasions and arrests by the Israeli military continues in the village of Ni’lin

The wave of night time invasions and arrests by the Israeli military continues in the village of Ni’lin. 3am on the 10th of June Ahmad Daood, 26 years old, was arrested in his home. Six military jeeps and more than thirty soldiers invaded the village in the night and tore down the gate to the […]