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pic of israeli soldiers during clashes under the rain ,during friday protest in Ni'lin 16.01.2015

Violence in Ni’lin village: Repression, tear gas and arrests

via: ISM: The soldiers surrounding Ni’lin did not wait; they began firing tear gas as soon as the villagers walked down into their olive groves. Those who had braved the cold, rainy weather to attend Ni’lin’s weekly Friday demonstration were forced to retreat, running choking from the clouds of tear gas launched at them from […]

Earlier this morning at 02:30 am, Israel began its new year with kidnapping three guysfrom their homes in west bank village of Ni'lin. 01.01.2015
1-Mostafa Nafi, 17 years old.
2- Mohammed Nafi 18 years old.
3-Mohammed khawaja 38 years old

The new year came with a violent start for the people of Ni’lin

The new year came with a violent start for the people of Ni’lin. Early in the morning of January 1st Israeli soldiers entered the village and arrested three young men. The soldiers first entered the village in civilian cars at around 2.30 am and took control of the streets before a caravan of 18 military […]


Two cows, two horses and one donkey died from tear gas suffocation

Two cows, two horses and one donkey died from tear gas suffocation during this weeks demonstration against the apartheid wall in Ni’lin 19.12.2014. As every Friday Ni’lin farmers marched towards their lands on the other side of the apartheid wall, protesting against the wall and the occupation of their lands. This week the demonstration chanted […]


Three arrested in Ni’lin during today’s Israeli mid-night invasion.

During the morning hours of December 18th the village of Ni’lin was invaded by 14 Isreali military jeeps. The soldiers invaded the homes of Ahmed Basem Nafi, 20 years old, breaking down the door and violently arresting him in front of his family. The next house to be invaded was that of Saeed Yahya Nafi, […]

Ni'lin protest in solidarity with Tristan Anderson

Israeli evidence backfires in compensation case for injured US activist

By:The electronic Intifada:   The civil trial for Tristan Anderson continued this thursday with the questioning of Gaby Silverman, Anderons girlfriend at the time of the incident. She was present when Tristan Anderson was shot in the head with a high velocity tear gas cannister in the village of Ni’lin in March of 2009. During […]


Trial of American activist maimed by Israeli military to begin

American peace activist Tristan Anderson was severely injured by a high velocity tear gas grenade during a protest in Ni’lin in March of 2009. Now his civil trial against the Israeli military has finally begun at Jerusalem District Court. The kind of high velocity tear gas canister that Tristan Anderson was hit by was designed […]

Abdullah Amireh

Abdullah Amireh 22 years old, kidnapped by IOF

During Saturday it came to the attention of the Popular Committee of the village of Ni’lin that 22 year old Abdullah Amireh was abducted in the morning hours of this Friday. He was taken from his car by Israeli soldiers in civilian clothing and taken to Ofer military prison. Amireh was released from a recent […]

Ni'lin protest 28.11.2014

One injured in Ni’lin during the Friday protest against Israeli apartheid wall 28.11.2014

During this weeks demonstration in the village of Ni’lin a 21 year old man was shot in the stomach with a rubber coated steel bullet. He had to be sent to the hospital for further treatment. After Fridays mid-day prayer the demonstration gathered near the pharmacy in Ni’lin. This week the prayer was not held […]

clashes in Ni'lin 21.11.2014
Palestinian youth throwing back tear gas grenades using their slingshots during Ni'lin protest against the Israeli apartheid wall .

Ni’lin stands in solidarity with Alaqsa as Israel repression increases

This weeks demonstration started like all other weeks after the friday prayer under the olive trees that grow in the outskirts of the village of Ni’lin. As every week the demonstration proceeded to march towards the seperation wall carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans against the wall and in solidarity with the Palestinian struggeling at […]

khamis Amireh got shot with live bullet  during unarmed protest in the west bank village f Ni'lin in 11.01.2014

Very savage arrests in Nilin village, one Palestinian shot and arrested by Israeli occupation soldiers.

At 8 am on the morning of January 21st the entrance to the village of Ni’lin was blocked off. A special car carrying armed Israeli special forces dressed up as Palestinians entered the village and they proceeded to surround the house of Murad Srour, 32 years old. The soldiers entered the house by force and […]