Ni’lin political prisoner Jom’a khawaja is denied treatment in Israeli military jail

Jom'a kawaja

On November 4th last year 26 year old Jom’a Kawaja was arrested in his home during a nightly raid by Israeli soldier. During the first six weeks of his detainment Jom’a was held underground at Almasqubya military jail near Jerusalem. He has had to go through rough interrogation sessions and torture until he agreed to sign a list of 36 names of young Ni’lin men who supposedly frequent friday protests against the apartheid wall.

This Wednesday Jom’a had his hearing in Israeli court at Ofer military court near Ramallah. Jom’a was brought out in a wheel chair which chocked his wife and mother who attended the hearing. He couldn’t walk himself due to injuries to his back brought about by the torture in Almasqubya.

Jom’a is now being held at Aishen military jail near the Negev desert in the south of Israel. He is a father of two and his family is worried that he, like many other Palestinian politival prisoners isn’t recieving proper medical care. If not treated they fear that he will be permanently handicaped due to the torture.

The popular committee of Ni’lin is asking all human rights of the world to stand with Jom’a Kawaja and to help prevent further suffering for him and all other Palestinian political prisoners dying inside Israeli jails due to lack of medical treatment.

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